Increase Efficiency Focus on Research
Increase Efficiency Focus on Research

EMDESK – specialised management software for European research projects. Integrated and secure tool for collaborative proposal writing and effective project management in Horizon 2020 and FP7.

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Benefits of EMDESK

Single depository – all project data stored in one place, secure and accessible
Data consistency – changes are applied in real time throughout the project
Transparent financial management – instant overviews of budget and staff efforts, automatic calculations
Tracking progress – deliverable reporting made easy
Faster reporting – collate data and generate your reports with one click
Smooth collaboration – shared calendar, mailing lists, notifications

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Client Voices

“I found it very easy and logical to use.”

Kim Noonan, Project Coordinator / BRE Group
United Kingdom

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Client voices

“I'm pleased with the services EMDESK provided throughout the complete proposal writing phase.I like how it handled document versioning.”

Ákos Horváth, Department of Measurement and Information Systems, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)

Client voices

“I found working with EMDESK quite intuitive and very helpful, especially when we were in hurry to write our proposal with many partners in a short time.”

Dr. Milan Vanecek, Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

Client voices

“I found it very easy and logical to use.”

Kim Noonan, Project Coordinator, BRE Group (United Kingdom)

Client voices

“There are many reasons why the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft has decided to conclude a framework contract with EMDESK. A main advantage of EMDESK is that it is especially tailored to the requirements of research projects in the 7th Framework Programme - thus it is possible to administrate the proposal creation as well as the negotiation and project implementation with only one system.”

Maximilian Steiert, EU Project Officer, Headquarter of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Germany)

Client voices

“We have been really impressed with the software in helping make monitoring and reporting so much easier. The support services in setting up the system and answering questions were always excellent, concise and efficient. I have recommended this software to anyone who is preparing an EU bid as it takes away a lot of the pain of pea counting and formatting proposal and reporting documentation.”

Prof. Jacqueline O'Reilly, University of Brighton (United Kingdom)

Client voices

“I enjoyed working with EMDESK. I found it rather easy to find my way through a complete new application for me. Thanks for letting me use this application.”

Robin Bronkhorst, Manager Special Projects, TNO Quality of Life (The Netherlands)

Client voices

“EMDESK is an impressive system that is very well put together - especially as it improves to address large research teams.”

Andreas Constantinou, Research Director, VisionMobile (United Kingdom)

Client voices

“EMDESK a very helpful, easy-to-use and convenient tool - I would use it any time again. EMDESK proves to be an application that facilitates greatly not only the compilation of data but also any subsequent rearrangement or quick adaptations - whenever you change something all tables and charts linked are auto-updated. As the system can be accessed by partners at any time, the proposal development becomes a very transparent process for the whole project team.”

Manuela Kienegger, AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria)

Client voices

“We selected EMDESK to submit the HBP proposal after facing problems with other tools. We switched to EMDESK less than 3 months before submission and were very happy that the collaboration went so smoothly. The EMDESK team met our individual requirements quickly and professionally. With budget and administrative data to be consolidated for more than 80 partners, this was quite an achievement. I believe that such a big proposal could not have been prepared without its help and we plan to use EMDESK even more now, in particular as our project management tool.”

Dr. Christian Fauteux, Chief Administrative Officer, The Human Brain Project (Switzerland)

Client voices

“I must say that EMDESK helped me to prepare a proposal in less than 3 weeks which is really good. In general, my opinion is that is a very good software.”

Dr. Carlos Beltran Gonzalez, R&D Project Manager, Aitek (Italy)

Client voices

“I have been using EMDESK since 2008 for managing a project with 36 partners from 18 countries. I have been particularly impressed by the supportiveness & efficiency. The cooperation with EMDESK was very productive and pleasant; and I'm looking forward to continuing this beneficial cooperation.”

Mark Tiele Westra, FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen, Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research (The Netherlands)

Client voices

“EMDesk made the proposal writing process a lot faster. Less fiddling in Word - all the redundant stuff is entered only once, and all necessary GANTT charts, tables etc. are generated automatically.”

Prof. Michael Welzl, University of Oslo (Norway)

Client voices

“The use of EMDESK has made the task of managing much more rewarding. You can have full control over every aspect of the program with minimal daily effort. It's really an invaluable tool for managing projects (especially large ones).”

Paolo Di Michele, Project Manager, SELEX ES SpA (Italy)

Client voices

“We found EMDESK quite useful when writing our recent FP7 call bid for the following tasks: Making a template for our bid document, with all the tables required according to the EC guidelines, and particularly cross-referencing the work packages, milestones and efforts across tables; and collecting the information about individual participants - organisations and individuals. It was useful that this information could be collected in parallel and at the convenience of the multiple parties.”

Dr. Graeme Woodward, Research Leader of the Telecommunications Research Laboratory, Toshiba Research Europe Limited (United Kingdom)

Client voices

“EMDESK is a useful and functional web service, which facilitates the management of EU projects financed under the 7th Framework Programme. EMDESK has positively evolved since its launch and the administration services react promptly to resolve issues. More importantly, EMDESK is always open to hear recommendations for improvement and to act accordingly for its implementation. EMDESK differentiates itself from other competitors due to its user-friendly interface and the wide range of functions it offers. In short, EMDESK offers good value for money.”

Eduardo Herrmann, Senior Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (Germany)

Client voices

“I have been very content with using the EMDESK service. EMDESK is a great software and has hit the proposal preparation requirements, spot on. It helped me to reduce the proposal preparation time by more than 30%. Using the built-in versioning capabilities, we were able to reduce the overall overhead of keeping a master document by more than 50%. I have been using your system for 3 years now and have to congratulate the team for their work”

Kostas Giokas, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens (Greece)

Client voices

“After the evaluation by the project management team of the Fraunhofer EU-Network and the Fraunhofer SIT (Institute for Secure Information technology) EMDESK clearly convinced us because of its usability. It also fulfills the strict data-protection standards of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.”

Maximilian Steiert, EU Project Officer, Headquarter of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Germany)

Client voices

“I was very satisfied using EMDESK. EMDESK really helped us a lot in the proposal preparation of our project.”

Dr. Stephan Tewes, EADS Innovation Works (Germany)

Client voices

“It is a great pleasure to work with EMDESK. The software is very convincing and facilitating project management.”

Gabriele Hamm, Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena (Germany)

Frequently Asked Questions

I am using email, spread sheets, text files or other tools to manage my project. Why switch to EMDESK?

EMDESK is an web-based software for project management and collaboration that consolidates all your project data in one place so you and your partners can skip the emailing back and forth of templates and file versions that often lead to confusion, duplication and inconsistencies. With EMDESK you can get an instant overview of your project status with a dynamic Gantt chart and tables comparing planned vs. actual costs and resources. Collaborate efficiently, easily gather reporting data and quickly get reports ready for submission with predefined Word templates. Tailored to the needs of European research consortia it’s not just any project management software but one that helps you comply with the EC rules, making collaboration easier and more efficient.

What are the system requirements?

EMDESK is a hosted solution provided as Software as a Service, so there is no installation, admin rights or further configuration required. All you need to start using EMDESK is a PC (Windows or Mac) with a web-browser and an internet connection (broadband is best). Once registered, you can access EMDESK with your login details via

Is EMDESK secure? Where is my data stored?

It is one of our highest priorities to keep all information confidential, protected and secure. We take all reasonable precautions to keep the information safe and permanently available. We can assure a 99% availability of the service and data. The processing of information is strictly limited to provide our users with the valuable service. In addition to several audited security measures, endpoint certificate-based authentication and a SSL-256bit encrypted connection, EMDESK is hosted on a state-of-the-art redundant server cluster that is professionally managed and physically secured by Hetzner AG in Nuremberg, Germany. A data backup management system that executes daily backups allows us to recover the project status of up to 30 days in the past. We are proud that the system was successfully inspected by the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology.

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