EARMA conference 2020 in Oslo – Evolution or revolution of research management & administration

The 26th EARMA conference will take place in Oslo on September 29 – October 1, the programme is packed with various bright and knowledgeable sessions about research projects, including the ones on project management in EU funded projects, e.g. H2020.

Svetlana Myagkova | Feb 12. 2020

EARMA 2020 will become the 26th annual conference of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators.

This Association represents the community of Research Managers and Administrators (RM&As) in EU and works together with the EU Commission, national and international funding agencies. EARMA members come from different areas, such as academia, industry, the public and private sectors. EARMA facilitates networking among them and the wider community of RM&As as well. It has proven to be a quality platform for sharing experiences and best practices, particularly in research project management.

This year EARMA conference will take place in Oslo on September 29 – October 1. The programme includes one day of pre-conference activities and two days of the conference sessions about research projects, including the ones on project management in EU funded projects.

On the first day EARMA will organize Standing Committees’ Meetings. The attendees will also have a chance to participate in a couple of insightful workshops, for example on upcoming Horizon Europe.

The programme of September 30 – October 1 is packed with various bright and knowledgeable sessions. The topics differ from responsible research & innovation to working in multifunctional research support offices, or from promoting the professional research management to supporting individual fellowships. A number of sessions are dedicated to Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe project management. However, the topics are not limited to EU funded projects, some sessions cover other Framework Programmes, like “Lost in Translation: Best Practices for Communicating with US Pass-Through-Entities” or “Fundamentals of the US National Science Foundation (NSF) Proposals and Award Process”.

EARMA conferences are known to be a place where RM&As not only get smart, creative, and innovative ideas, but also build social relations. EARMA will offer the attendees a range of exciting social activities during these three days, including visits to Botanical Garden, Viking Ships Museum, Harbour Sauna bath, or guided tour at Oslo Opera House. EARMA 2020 in Oslo promises to extend the networks in a smart and cheerful way.

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