June Release – New Features

The new and improved features on EMDESK have been recently officially launched! We have updated and simplified many of our tools, to make your experience as a project manager even easier than before.

Kimberly Albeño | Jun 25. 2020
EMDESK Blog Post Feature Release2

New Features

Our new EMDESK features have officially launched!

Since the release of the new EMDESK, our team has been working hard to continue to improve and innovate our project management solution. These new features are the first large scale improvements that EMDESK has had since its release back in November of 2019 and the introduction of Kanban in April of 2020. As always, EMDESK maintains its high quality performance and advanced security standards, and will continue to support thousands of projects and researchers.

What are the new updates and features?

  • Visual aids in Data Table view

EMDESK now has colourful visual elements in the data table view. Now you will find that the project status, funding and cost consumptions, and priority status are all colour coded for superior visualisation.

  • Project Selection & Switch

You can now select to enter into your project or choose to edit your project directly from the project menu at the top of the page. The usability of the new project selection and project edits makes it easier to maneuver and edit between many different projects without the hassle of going into each project setting.

  • Typographical Emphasis

Now it is possible to use format options for multi-line text fields. Any descriptions or updates written within EMDESK can now be emphasised with elements such as bolded, italicised, or underlined. There is also an option to number or bullet main ideas.

  • Contact Exportation

All your contacts can now be automatically exported into either an Excel or CSV file.

  • Selecting a Project Template

Selecting your project template has now been completely revised and improved to become clearer and easier to choose which project template is best for you. You have the option to choose between the ‘Most Used’ templates or one of many Horizon 2020 projects or the general project templates. We plan to expand the available templates for other programmes.

  • Drag n’ Drop in Documents

In the Documents section, you now have the option to drag your folders or files and drop them into their designated folder in order to move and organize them more quickly.

  • Subscription Plan

Starting a trial with EMDESK has become more serviceable than before, the trial starts with unlimited projects for 50 users for a period of 60 days, free of charge. We have also structured our pricing to fit your needs and therefore created two different subscription plans: the Team plan and the Project plan. The Team plan is specialised for the usage of multiple projects, and the Project plan is specialised for the usage of one project. You can estimate your own project’s pricing on our pricing page.

  • Subscription Accessibility

The new subscription management page can now be found in your profile dropdown menu. Viewing, editing, and canceling your EMDESK subscription has now been revamped and you can choose between either the Team or Project subscription plans.

  • Financial Profile

Setting a unit of measurement for effort is now an option in the financial profile for personnel. You can now select a rate of person hour, person day, or person month before calculating or recording their effort in budget and expenses.

  • Overall Improvements

Our development team has also improved the usability of access rights management, enhanced Gantt chart handling, increased overall performance, and eliminated minor bugs throughout EMDESK.

Our team perpetually looks for new ways to improve and innovate your solution, and we will continue to strive to make your project management experience as smooth and as easy as possible. We look forward to releasing even more features and upgrades in the near future.


We are currently working on new additions to our solution, such as EMDESK Papers, which will be an online collaborative document editor for Proposals, Reports, Deliverables, or any other narrative document with control and revision features. Meeting/Video conferencing features will also soon be available so communication can be instantaneous about any project needs, as well as new task management features.

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