Expert Session Review: Efficient remote management of EU funded projects

This webinar was organized on the occasion of the Covid-19 crisis to share valuable hands on tips for efficient remote project management in EU funded projects.

Svetlana Myagkova | Apr 8. 2020

Reacting to the Covid-19 crisis many universities and companies were forced to completely change the way they work together overnight. And although many of us were already used to communicating with the partners remotely, the current situation is a completely new one and many of us are working in the home office for the first time. Therefore, this webinar focuses on how to continue managing Horizon 2020 (H2020) project efficiently taking care of data security, team collaboration and staying on schedule despite home office and difficult conditions.

In the beginning of the Webinar our experts cover the question of data security. Gabriella points out that Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Requirements) are extremely important in Horizon 2020 and that being at home, doesn’t mean that your internet documents are safe. She also reminds that non-certified cloud providers outside of the EU, like Google or Skype, do not meet security and privacy requirements of EU funded projects.

Further on, Stefan emphasizes that any Horizon 2020 project contains personal, critical, and even classified data that is core to project success and EU research. Therefore, he recommends choosing the right and proper tools for data security, as well as implementing communication and software use policy. As a good solution for EU funded projects projects, he suggests using EMDESK project management software. Developed and hosted in Germany, EMDESK meets all the requirements of enterprise class security, access controls, and action logs providing peace of mind.

Though data security is probably one of the first things you need to consider in remote project management of EU funded projects, there is a number of other challenges. During the Webinar Gabriella and Stefan touch the problem of remote team collaboration and give valuable recommendations on how to manage EU funded projects online. Horizon 2020 project managers are supposed to continue monitoring, tracking, and reporting the project’s progress. Gabriella underlines that while being remote, they still have to keep an eye on everything. She gives details and examples on how project managers should organize their remote work. While Stefan mentions that collaboration tools are a good support in this process and presents EMDESK features providing the secure backbone for online Horizon 2020 project team collaboration.

The last part of the Webinar deals with another huge challenge of remote project management in EU funded projects self-management. How to organize your home office? How to manage time efficiently and avoid stress? How to change the "office mindset" of your Horizon 2020 partners? These questions shouldn’t trouble you anymore, Gabriella gives insightful tips on that and even mentions some advantages of working from home office.

Interested in remote project management in Horizon 2020 (H2020)?

Watch the webinar and manage efficiently your EU funded projects remotely.

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