Expert Session Review: How to draft a coherent budget in H2020

Autumn Expert Session, on the topic Proposal Writing: How to draft a coherent budget in H2020. Expert Insights by the head of projects at Welcomeurope, Jeanne Collin.

Svetlana Myagkova | Nov 1. 2019

Our Autumn Expert Session took place on 10 October and covered a highly relevant topic – Proposal Writing: How to draft a coherent budget in H2020. We asked Jeanne Collin, Head of projects at Welcomeurope, to share with us her experience in a live webinar we have co-organised.

Since drafting budget raises many questions, Jeanne not only explained what are the expectations of the evaluators and how to master the budget categories, but also showed us how to get ready with a strategy to submit the most suited provisional budget and what tools can assist in this process.

As it was underlined by Jeanne, to build a good and suitable budget one should consider common budgetary principles of H2020. One of the main principles is the eligibility, that can differ from programme to programme. Therefore, Jeanne gave a detailed overview of the eligibility criteria. She also highlighted some additional usual principles, like analytical approach and applying beneficiary’s methodology and practices.

During the webinar Jeanne introduced cost breakdown and cost category differentiating several types of costs, such as actual costs, unit costs, lump sum, and flat rate.

Further, Jeanne provided us with the key information and practical tips on how to draft the provisional budget, how to evaluate necessary resources for a project, and how to optimize the provisional budget of an application. Notable, she emphasized that you should start from the needs of the project and not the maximum amount of the grant.

Interested in the webinar?

Watch the webinar and advance your skills in drafting a coherent budget in H2020.

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