Expert Session Review: Basic mistakes in H2020 personnel cost calculation and reporting

For our Spring Expert Session on 28 May, we chose the topic Basic mistakes in H2020 personnel cost calculation and reporting Expert Insights and invited the managing director of Europa Media, Gabriella Lovász, to do a live webinar.

Svetlana Myagkova | Sep 25. 2019

As you know, personnel costs generally make up the main part in a project budget in H2020. It is also often the most common field for potential errors that gives many of us a difficult time. However, Gabriella as an expert with years of experience in providing support in EU project management was there to sort out this topic for us.

During our Spring Expert Session, she introduced the practical perspective on how the personnel costs should be calculated specifically within H2020 and gave an overview of the most common mistakes.

In general, Gabriella divided all personnel costs into two groups:

  • actual personnel costs, that include costs connected with employees or equivalent employment contracts, seconded employees, and in-house consultants;
  • unit-based personnel costs, that deal with average personnel costs, SME owner rate, and natural person rate.

Remember, actual personnel costs are calculated one by one, while unit personnel costs should be based on the historical costs of the staff members concerned.

Gabriella presented eligibility rules and their various exceptions as well. She emphasized that H2020 should not change your system of the personal costs calculation. Actually, H2020 is asking you to follow your own rules on calculation and then apply those within H2020 as well. So whatever specific policy you have, at first you should follow these rules, then your national rules, and only then you should consider certain issues regarding H2020.

Interested in the webinar?

Watch the webinar and advance your skills in personnel cost calculation and reporting in H2020.


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