Expert Session Review: Proposal Writing in H2020 – How to maximize impact

Our first Expert Session on the topic Proposal Writing in H2020: How to maximize impact – Expert Insights was organized on 21 February as a live webinar in cooperation with Welcomeurope, a consulting and training organization based out of France.

Svetlana Myagkova | Sep 6. 2019

This insightful webinar was held by Welcomeurope’s head of projects, Jeanne Collin. Jeanne provided us with key information and practical tips on drafting the Impact Section of an H2020 application. What are the expectations of the jury and how to exceed them? How to master the contractual obligations and main definitions? How to come away with a strategy to achieve the highest impact during the project implementation?

To answer these questions, Jeanne gave an overview of the impact section structure of the H2020 proposal and highlighted two main points:

  • The first relates to the expected impact and how to contribute to each one of them mentioned in the work programme.
  • The second point refers to the measures taken to maximize these impacts. It is crucial to explain how activities are implemented and how successful networking can work for both dissemination/use and communication activities.

Jeanne emphasized that the main component of a successful application is proving to the Commission how your project is in line with the Europe 2020 strategy and how it is to be quantified through KPIs. She explained how to prove this and how communication, exploitation, and dissemination activities should be addressed during the proposal writing phase to demonstrate and maximize the societal and economic impacts of your project.

Interested in the webinar?

Watch the webinar now and receive expert insights and hands on tips from Jeanne Collin.

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