Warrant Hub – the ideal partner for business development

Warrant Hub (formerly Warrant Group) is a subsidiary of the Italian Tinexta Group aimed to provide companies with financial expertise, technical and technological assistance, as well as with integrated and specialized consulting at all stages of business development.

Warrant Hub offers integrated services that support research, development, and innovation projects. Years of experience supporting over 4,000 customers including SMEs and multinationals in manufacturing, textiles, health, waste disposal, food, transport, and other businesses give Warrant Hub cutting edge expertise in the most diverse sections of Italian industry.

Warrant Hub was founded in 1995 and entered the Tecnoinvestimenti Group in 2017, which was then merged into the Tinexta Group in November 2018. Headquartered in Correggio, Italy, Warrant Hub has more than 200 professionals across the country and works with eight operational offices in Italy and one in Brussels.

Information – Connections – Creativity

Warrant Hub works with a well equipped, highly qualified team of market experts who are able to quickly ascertain and meet the specific needs of any company and provide them with the tools necessary for their business development.

This expertise extends to:

  • Building synergies that place the company in the center of the network.
  • Creating projects that drive more than product innovation and expand into markets and companies.
  • Training and resource development.
  • Finding the necessary capital for business development.

Finding a winning financial strategy can be difficult. This is why Warrant Hub monitors thousands of incentives, contributions, and subsidized loans to identify those best suited to the individual needs of its clients. With a proven track record and over 20 years of experience, Warrant Hub is a trusted source for guidance and support in company’s development, which finds the best solutions for profitability with reliable results.

Warrant Hub’s areas of expertise are:

  • European Funding.
  • Business Finance.
  • Energy Diagnosis and Efficiency.
  • Digital Transformation, Technology Transfer, and Enhancement of Intellectual Property (within Warrant Innovation Lab).

While its main focus is facilitating finance, Warrant Hub is able to deliver much more, providing its customers assistance with the preparation and management of strategic projects, such as business, research, and technology transfer. This gives customers the know-how they need to succeed with their business initiatives in national and international frameworks.

European Funding Division (EFD)

Introduced in 2008, Warrant Hub’s EFD is responsible for supporting private and public institutions with the design, definition, presentation, and management of European funded projects.

The EFD offers a diverse range of services:

  • Strategic positioning – consultation on how to approach EU Horizon 2020 programmes.
  • Feasibility studies – development of project ideas.
  • Preparation and presentation of project ideas – expert assistance on how to draft and present project proposals in accordance with EU objectives.
  • Proposed project participation – effective guidance with the preparation of the documentation required for proposal submission.
  • Integrated training service – training co-service with RU on cognitive aspects of Horizon 2020.
  • Auditing – project cost reporting and certification.

EMDESK – the efficient tool for project management

Since 2012 EFD has been using EMDESK as its project management software and an all-in-one collaborative space for an ever increasing number of projects. EMDESK provides an intuitive tool that supports EFD with its routine communications and management in compliance with EC reporting requirements. In addition to a multitude of management, reporting, and collaborative functions, EMDESK offers a secure environment in which users can monitor technical and administrative aspects of the project status with a multitude of intuitive functions and features.