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Proposal Phase

No cost, no obligation

It's free: unlimited project proposals & unlimited users for as long as needed

Project Management Phase

Per Month / Partner

15€ per organisation / month. 19+ Partners? Contact us. License costs are based on the number of partners and project duration. A minimum order for 5 partners and 12 months applies, subject to official project duration. Unlimited users, webspace and email support included.

Proposal Preparation

Planning a Horizon 2020 project? Stop wasting precious time on emails and cumbersome document compilation. Instead, gather all information in a secure online work space offering automated budget calculations and predefined templates. Try the free EMDESK Proposal Preparation or upgrade to the Proposal Pro version for just 75€ per proposal for 6 months and enjoy a wide range of collaboration tools and unlimited support.

Project Management

Your project was approved or is already running? The EMDESK Project Management functions help keep it on track. Meet the many deadlines, control costs and resources and deliver on time. Dynamic overviews of plan vs. actual data, versioning and document storage make collaboration and reporting easier for all partners. 

EMDESK can support you from kick-off to final reporting of your Horizon 2020 (H2020) projects. We even offer free archiving just in case you need that data a few years down the line.

Proposal Preparation - Free
Everything you need to prepare your project proposal. See the detailed features:

  • Online Document Editor 
  • Collaborative Content Preparation
  • Participants Management 
  • Resources Allocator
  • Cost Planning
  • Budget & Funding Calculation
  • Work Plan Designer
  • Backup & Versioning
  • Proposal & DoA/DoW Export to MS Word
  • Export to MS Excel sheets & CVS
  • 30 days Proposal Pro trial

Proposal Preparation Pro - 75€ / 6 months
All proposal preparation features plus additional collaboration functions and unlimited users, webspace and email support.

All new proposals come with a 30 day free trial of Proposal Pro so you can test it first. Simply create your proposal!

Project Management - Request a quote
From kick-off to official project end we have all the functions your consortium needs to deliver according to the DoA / DoW. Have a look at the feature overview:

  • Project Controlling
  • Cost Controlling
  • Cost Reporting
  • Resources Controlling and Reporting
  • Report Management and Preparation
  • Deliverable Monitoring & Management
  • DoA/DoW Update and Plan Simulation
  • Interim & Periodic Report Export to MS Word
  • Proposal & DoA/DoW Export to MS Word
  • Export to MS Excel sheets & CVS
  • Document Manager & Sharing
  • Shared Project Calendar
  • Private & Group Messaging
  • Group Management
  • Mailing Lists Management
  • Contact Directory
  • Discussion Forum
  • Shared Bookmarking
  • Project Wiki
  • Activity & Reminder Notifications

Unlimited users, webspace and email support included

We can help you get started with project set up, training and development services

Project Closure:
We offer a 6-months license for the entire consortium after official project end so you can take the time you need to wrap up the final reporting

What next?

You first need to create the proposal in the free module. You can then upgrade to the Pro version instantly at any time. We wish you a successful submission!

What next:

To receive a tailored offer for your project please contact our sales team. The fees for the Project Management Module depend on the project duration, number of partners and additional services required.

For more information please also have a look at our Services, Websessions or get started straight away.

Good to know:

EMDESK is an integrated tool. Once your project gets selected, you can use it throughout the grant preparation phase at no additional cost and switch to project implementation without re-entering data.

Good to know:

EMDESK loyalty scheme: discounts of up to 15% on license fees from the second order

Enterprise / Campus Edition: we offer beneficial pricing if you plan to use EMDESK for several projects.

Verified data security and confidentiality are top priorities for us:

  • Data backups & recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Encrypted connections with enforced SSL
  • Custom password strength requirements
  • Secure session management
  • Access on invitation only

Some of our clients:

Forth Foundation for research and technology - Hellas HCMR Hellenic Centre for Marine Research Leonardo Aerospace, Defence and Security
Schwungrad Energie University College Dublin – National University of Ireland Universidade de ÉvoraUniversitat de Girona
DNA in de BouwVrije Universiteit BrusselNUI GalwayNERSC - Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing CenterDublin Institute of TechnologyGFZ
HuhtamakiLZN Laser Zentrum Nord GmbHVDE/VDI Innovation + Technik GmbHAirbusTecnalia
Politecnico di TorinoJohannes Keppler Universität LinzEngler-Bunte-InstitutCenter of Maritime TechnologiesRWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY - Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische HochschuleAWSensors
VTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandNational Technical University of AthensFortum Corporation - Next generation energy companyMONDRAGON CorporationNOBATEK Research technology center
University of CologneACCIONA InfrastructureSpinverse is the Nordic leader in innovation consultingHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfBouygues Energies & ServicesOslo Medtech - Technology cluster facilitating the growth of new and innovative healthcare solutions
The University of EdinburghThe Open University UKZabala Innovation ConsultingNLR Air Transport Safety InstituteHaskoli Islands - University of IcelandCIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas)biolution GmbH
Chalmers University of TechnologySILEX Microsystems ABSparks & Co - European science communication agency.The Natural History Museum LondonBecar S.r.l. Engineering general contractorsUniversité de Bretagne Occidentalefraunhofer_logo
renault_logoselex_logoLupwifo_logoMANU SYSTEMSalfaimaging_logo
inria_logojoanneum_logoplatte consultidconsortium_logotcd_logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Search FAQs...

Are EMDESK costs eligible for EC funding?

The EMDESK license fees are eligible costs since they are actually and clearly incurred for the project and during the project time only. Even if they were not included in the budget plan, the license fees for EMDESK are very likely to be fully reimbursed under management costs by the EC in line with the financial guidelines.

What are your payment terms?

When you purchase EMDESK licenses you can choose between annual up-front payment and one-off upfront payment. Our invoices are always issued within the official project duration. Invoices should be settled within 30 days of issue via bank transfer. Please refer also to our Terms and Conditions.

The Proposal mode is free, but how can I order Proposal Pro?

Once you registered your project proposal and you logged in to EMDESK, simply send us an email to contact@emdesk.com.

How much does the Implementation Module cost?

The use of EMDESK Project Management Module is subscription based and the license fees are based on the number of project partners and project duration. The number of user accounts and web space is unlimited and technical support via email is also included. For further information, please visit the pricing page on our web site and request a quotation for your project(s).

How does the loyalty scheme work?

With your first project management license order you automatically join the loyalty programme. Your organisation’s current loyalty status will be stated in your offer. The loyalty scheme offers discounts on EMDESK Project Management licenses from the 2nd project onwards: 5% for Team Status (2+ projects), 10% for Professional Status (6+ projects), 15% for Expert Status (11+ projects). The loyalty status is tied to an organisation’s account (identified by the billing address / VAT ID) and not to an individual contact, so you can benefit even from your colleagues’ project orders.

How do I claim the loyalty discount?

When you ask for an offer, we will verify if there is an existing account for your organisation and check in our database what you, your colleagues or predecessors have already ordered from EMDESK. Loyalty discounts are then automatically applied from the 2nd project onwards. 

How to budget license costs for EMDESK in my proposal?

According to the aMGA v2.1.1 for H2020 (Art. 10, p. 120) EMDESK license and service costs are eligible for reimbursement under "Purchase of goods, works or services". We made the experience that all our clients' costs have been approved as eligible and reimbursed successfully.

One project participant (in the most cases the project coordinator or the participant carrying out the project coordination) can budget the estimated license and service costs for the use of EMDESK in the H2020 cost category "Other direct costs". In order to budget the exact amount, please contact us at contact@emdesk.com for an official quotation stating the planned number of partners and duration in month.

Additionally, it might be good to briefly describe the use of EMDESK in the proposal. For example, in the sections on the management process as part of the general description, in a suitable WP description (Coordination or Dissemination activities), in a Deliverable or Milestone.

We have prepared below some paragraphs describing the need for a collaborative software in your proposal. Please feel free to copy and adjust the description to your needs.

There is the strong intention to handle the coordination and communication effort as cost efficient and effective as possible to maximize the budget allocation in the actual indented research and innovation activities. 

In order to achieve this, we intend to use the collaborative platform (or intranet solution) EMDESK which is an integrated and secure software for consortium communication, internal data management and collaborative project management. The software is proven an intuitive and integrated, but effective project management application tailored to the needs of H2020 projects providing features for project coordination, technical and financial reporting, dissemination and publication tracking, risk management, document sharing and communication (contact directory, group management, mailing list, calendar, messaging).

EMDESK allows us to organise project management activities in a coordinated and transparent way, to monitor the project progress (incl. deliverables and milestones) and resource utilization, to optimise the organisation of all technical project activities for the partners and to facilitate a complete and accurate reporting. At the same time, we facilitate communication and documents exchange between partners and avoid redundant work (like system switch), data breaks and inconsistency and have all required functional support in one single application. 

Since the coordinator and other partners already use EMDESK in other projects, this would additionally facilitate significantly the administrative efficiency.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee any accuracy and completeness of this information nor a successful reimbursement of your costs.

If you have further questions regarding the eligibility or nature of certain project costs, please have a look at the H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement (Art. 6.2 and respective explanations) or contact the National Contact Point near you.

Finally, we welcome any feedback on your experience with the reimbursement of the EMDESK costs that helps future projects to budget such costs correctly.

You could not find your questions? Please send us an email or call us.