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Sparks & Co

In 2015 Sparks & Co, a young SME from Paris, decided for EMDESK to improve internal project communication. Today, EMDESK has turned into an integral part of the team's daily routine, as its comprehensive functions provide many advantages for successful project management.

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SPARKS & CO: EMDESK for Project Communication

"EMDESK made the whole project management and communication process much easier and way more efficient for us."

In 2014 Camille Cocaud founded Sparks & Co, a Paris based European science communication agency. Her academic background in biology, geology and science communication combined with practical expertise in Public relations and communications has helped to quickly turn Sparks & Co into a partner of choice for the communications and dissemination activities of many H2020 projects.

We asked Camille, how and why Sparks & Co chose to run EMDESK.

Why were you looking for a management tool? What challenges do you face managing H2020 projects?

Sparks & Co’s expertise lies within Communication and Dissemination activities for research. One very important part of an efficient communication strategy is first to guarantee the flow of information within a project: we call it internal communications. We are all busy experts, and never-ending threads of emails are totally inefficient on the long-term. We were looking for a way to improve internal communication flows when we found EMDESK. We realised this tool was also able to provide great help in management activities and decided to offer to all our projects to integrate it. Now we use EMDESK for many more reasons than just internal communications: reporting tools, file transfers, deadline reminders, etc..

Why did you choose EMDESK?

EMDESK is specifically designed to fit European projects. All its features provide solutions to your day-to-day EU project management issues. Apart from that EMDESK’s terms makes it easy to claim its costs for reimbursement.

What do you like most about EMDESK?

The document repository guaranteeing their storage in Germany (i.e. their confidentiality) and the management of several email lists to make sure nobody is left out of the discussions. EMDESK made the whole project management and communication process much easier and way more efficient for us. Also I like that there is not only a support team to contact but also one specific contact person handling all the administrative parts from day one on. EMDESK is also offering webinars on demand, which is very handy, as questions can come up using such a comprehensive tool.

Which are the central benefits of working with EMDESK?

In my opinion the central benefit of EMDESK is that it provides a tailored all-in-one solution for project management and communication. A convenient add-on is that we can quickly get started with EMDESK using the Project Set-Up service that saves us much time and leaves us ready to go. 

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