All-in-one central project and work management

Gain control and visibility, let your team focus on what they do best – research and innovation.

Design and budget projects together

Efficiently design and budget projects of any scale and complexity with all team members and stakeholders. With real-time views of timeline and finances, teams can schedule activities, estimate costs and allocate resources.

Stay on schedule and get work done

Keep your project on schedule and work together efficiently. Allow everyone to track progress and consumption in real time with effortless reporting features and free up time to focus on the actual work. Provide regular status updates and gain valuable insight with progress and financial reports on one click.

Take control with powerful analytics

Get a complete bird’s-eye view of the project’s schedule and performance. Reach your KPIs and catch overrun and deviation early with insightful data-driven analytics and customizable views and reports, you can share or export.

Increase productivity with efficient collaboration

EMDESK integrates collaboration, linking information to project objectives and improving result quality. Optimized flow of information eliminates redundant email exchange, and increases productivity. With intuitive work management and communication features, you can collaborate, share, and have discussions efficiently.

Create beautiful documents easily

Co-author and create persuasive project proposals, reports, deliverables, or any other documents together with all project partners in real-time. Empower your teams with relevant templates and one-click financial reports. Let smart review and collaboration features of EMDocs make your working process on large documents easy, transparent, and secure.

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