Creating an EU login account

You’ll need to create an EU Login to use the Funding & Tenders portal for your Horizon 2020 project. The EU Login is the Commission's authentication service for you to log in to various websites and online services run by the Commission. Once you've used EU Login to log on to a website or service, you won't have to identify yourself again as long as your web browser remains open so you can attend to all of your H2020 needs on the what was formerly called the Participant Portal, now Funding & Tenders portal.

Why do you need an EU login account?

There’s a single sign-on available on the Funding & Tenders Portal that grants access to a large number of information systems.

You’ll need an EU Login account to access the My Area section.

  • If you have an existing EU Login account, you can login or request a password reset email here.
  • If you’ve never created an EU Login account click the "Register" button on the Funding & Tenders Portal and register using your work email address.

Why do you need to log into The Funding & Tenders Portal with your EU Login account?

Logging in with your EU Login account to the Funding & Tenders Portal is necessary to use the personalised services and tools available on the Funding & Tenders Portal.

You must be logged in with your EU Login account to:

  • Register an organisation and receive a PIC. You will need this before you’re able to submit a proposal.
  • Register as an independent expert in order to help the Commission review projects and evaluate proposals.

Note: Your EU Login account gives you general access to My Area, but access to your organisation and projects/contracts data depends on your roles and access rights. As such, you might not have access to this type of information yet.

Creating an EU login account

Go to the EU Login register page and enter:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address
  • The security code captcha
  • Click the box to agree to the terms of service
  • Click Create an account

An automated email containing the link you need to complete the registration process will be sent to the email address you entered in the form. You see “To create your password, follow the link below:” click on this link and you’ll be redirected to a page asking you to enter and confirm your password for your EU Login account. This link will only be valid for 24 hours after you create your EU Login account.

How to log in

Go to the Funding & Tenders Portal homepage.

  • Click the Login button in the upper right side of your screen
  • Log in with the email address and password you used to create your EU Login account

Note: Your EU Login username and password are unique to you. Any and all transactions made by your account using your username password are considered as being made by yourself. As such, it’s important that you don’t share your personal EU Login username and password with your colleagues. Take care to choose a secure password and to change it regularly.

I never got an email with the registration link

It’s possible that you mistyped your email address, so you should try to register again. If you typed your email address correctly but you still didn’t get an email with a registration link, click on this link (enter your email address and follow the on-screen instructions) to reset your password.

Please make sure that the registration link email was not incorrectly identified as spam or junk mail by checking your junk/spam mail folders. It’s also possible that your organisation's email service may have prevented the registration link email from being delivered, so contact your email administrator in regards to this matter if necessary.

I forgot my password / I’m locked out of my EU Login account

Go to the Funding & Tenders Portal Homepage and click “Forgot password?” on the login page. Note that you can't reset your password if your account is locked. However, the helpdesk will be able to help you.

Note: If you reset your password, then forget it shortly after you won’t be able to change it again for security reasons. If you try to reset it shortly after your last password change, a EU Login error indicating the time you have to wait before you can make the change will be displayed. Please contact support for assistance if you need immediate access to your account.

If you’re locked out of your account

If you enter the incorrect password too many times in a row you’ll be locked out of your account. Once you’re locked out, you won't be able to log in or reset your password. To resolve this matter you need to wait 15 minutes until your account is unlocked automatically or contact support for assistance.

Note: If your account is locked, but you haven't personally entered the incorrect passwords, it may be that someone is trying to enter your account by guessing your password, or that another user with a similar email has mistyped their email address and accidentally wrote your email. Please contact support if this happens.

Why can’t I access anything even though I entered the correct email and password?

Please contact your service provider as the most likely cause is that you don’t have authorisation to use the application. This isn’t an issue with the EU Login as it only provides an application authentication service that verifies your identity.

How can I change my EU Login email address?

Self-registered users

Login with your currently registered EU Login email address. Click “My account” to see account details, then click on "Modify my personal data" and enter your new email address in the corresponding field.

European Commission or European Institution or Body

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change your email address if you’re a user of the European Commission or another European institution or body at this time. In this case the EU Login retrieves your email address automatically from human resource systems.

How can I add / change my mobile phone number to my account?

Login with your EU Login email address and password.

  • Click “My account”
  • Click on "Manage my mobile phone numbers"
  • To change your number you’ll first need to remove the current phone number by clicking "Delete a mobile phone number" (skip this step to add your first phone number)
  • Click "Add a mobile phone number" Union

What are the Terms and Conditions of use?

When individuals first login to My Area, they must agree to the electronic exchange system's Terms and Conditions of Use. Organisations will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions at the moment they appoint their LEAR ('Declaration of consent'). Your acceptance of the current terms and conditions is reaffirmed every time you use My Area.

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