The Funding & Tenders Portal: An ultimate guide for beginners

To navigate the Funding & Tenders Portal efficiently, dive into this guide with the recorded training session by the EC providing a detailed overview of the portal's features and functionalities.

Written by EMDESK

The Funding & Tenders Portal stands as a pivotal gateway for those seeking EU funding opportunities. This portal, backed by the European Commission, is not just a free platform but a comprehensive repository of official information and key documents related to the EU-funded programmes. It serves as the primary entry point for those interested in the EU funding, offering a plethora of official information and essential documents.

  • Official information repository: The portal houses all the official details of the EU-funded programmes, ensuring that users have access to accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Training resources: The Academy section of the portal offers both online and onsite training resources tailored for Horizon Europe, along with reference courses to enhance understanding.
  • Networking opportunities: The portal also provides avenues for potential partners to connect, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can be beneficial for funding applications.

Navigating the Funding & Tenders Portal

For those new to the portal, the European Commission organises training sessions to facilitate a deeper understanding of its functionalities. These sessions equip participants with the knowledge to navigate the portal efficiently and pinpoint the information they seek. One such recorded training provides an in-depth look into the portal's features and functionalities.

Detailed breakdown of the training

The training is segmented into various chapters, each focusing on a specific aspect of the portal:

  • 00:00 Introduction and profile of the audience by Peter Haertwich, Head of Unit, RTD, CIC H.3.
  • 10:34 A quick navigation demo by Agnes Hegyvarine Nagy from REA.
  • 19:07 How to search for funding opportunities presented by Spyros Vazaloukas of DIGIT.
  • 27:52 How to register an organisation with insights from Giuseppe Amoruso of DIGIT.
  • 37:35 How to prepare a proposal for a grant or procurement contract by Peter Haertwich.
  • 53:06 Where to find funded projects and results explained by Tomasz Kaminski from DIGIT.
  • 01:05:05 Horizon Results Platform overview by Georgios Lyssandrides from RTD, CIC.
  • 01:19:25 How to become an Expert to evaluate proposals or monitor project execution, presented by Tomasz Kaminski.
  • 01:34:54 Person profile, a new feature - understanding its purpose and creation process by Peter Haertwich.
  • 01:43:47 How to manage roles and access rights in the Portal by Oliver Marganne from RTD, CIC.
  • 01:49:28 How to manage and secure your account with guidance from Els Peeters of DIGIT.
  • 01:55:25 Where to find guidance and support provided by Emmanuel Crollen from RTD, CIC.
  • 02:01:27 Q&A - An interactive session addressing various queries from the participants.

The Funding & Tenders Portal is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to tap into the opportunities provided by EU funding. With its user-friendly interface, wealth of information, and additional resources, it's a must-visit for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

This article is written by Stefan Detschew, Chief Technology Officer at EMDESK.

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