Focus on research. Drive innovation.

EMDESK is a project and work management solution for research and innovation projects. It helps large teams across organisations to organize and collaborate in co-funded projects while keeping maximum control and transparency.

Design and budget with fluid productivity

Efficiently design and budget projects of any scale and complexity with all team members and stakeholders; while streamlining their input and activity and controlling their level of access throughout the project. With real-time views of the timeline, budget and co-financing, teams can estimate costs and allocate resources using various categories, rates and funding profiles.

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Gain control by building reports that matter

Keep your project on schedule with integrated and collaborative work management instruments covering monitoring, reporting and collaboration. Optimized planning and reporting features allow managers and task leaders to control progress and consumption. Effortless reporting and real-time visibility allow team members time to focus on relevant activities. Provide complete and accurate periodical updates and gain valuable insights by creating progress and financial reports.

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Take control with power analytics

Get a complete birds-eye view of the project's schedule and performance. Reach your KPIs and catch overrun and deviation early with customisable views, interactive reports, insightful data-driven analytics, powerful filters and custom reports you can share or export.

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Increase productivity with efficient communication

Coordinating large projects requires more than regular status meetings. EMDESK contextualises collaboration, tying information to project objectives and improving result quality. Optimise the flow of information, eliminate redundant email exchange and increase productivity by collaborating, sharing and having discussions in real-time with intuitive interfaces and integrated communication features.

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Developed and Hosted in Germany

Full project life cycle

High Data Security (AES256)

Co-Funding Support (H2020)

GDPR Compliant

Trusted by 19000+ users in 3000+ projects worldwide

Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a 10-year FET Flagship initiative launched in 2013 with a budget of €1 billion aimed to improve infrastructure for the development of neuroscience, medicine, and computing. The HBP consortium consists of more than 500 scientists from over 130 research institutions, teaching hospitals, and universities across the EU.

During the 3-year proposal phase, HBP utilized EMDESK’s development services to successfully address the challenges they started facing, including management of the vast number of users and data in their huge consortium.

EMDESK became a secure and flexible platform for reporting, collaboration, and completing daily project administration and budget tasks.

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News about EMDESK

Introducing the new EMDESK

Introducing the new EMDESK

We are excited to launch the new EMDESK! EMDESK has undergone a full makeover; now offering a complete project and work management solution for research and innovation teams, as in H2020 or Horizon Europe projects.

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Efficiently manage projects of any scale and complexity with all team members

Gain control and visibility - let your team focus on what they do best: research and innovation.