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Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a 10-year FET Flagship initiative launched in 2013 with a budget of €1 billion aimed to improve infrastructure for the development of neuroscience, medicine, and computing. The HBP consortium consists of more than 500 scientists from over 130 research institutions, teaching hospitals, and universities across the EU.

During the 3-year proposal phase, HBP utilized EMDESK’s development services to successfully address the challenges they started facing, including management of the vast number of users and data in their huge consortium. EMDESK became a secure and flexible platform for reporting, collaboration, and completing daily project administration and budget tasks.

Graphene Flagship

Graphene is an EU-funded 10-year FET flagship project launched in 2013 with a budget of €1 billion and a consortium of over 145 industrial and academic research groups from 21 countries. The flagship brings researchers together to take graphene from the realm of academic laboratories into EU society.

Graphene faced a number of challenges in information management and coordination, including inefficient communication and reporting, non-networked systems without central management and many redundant tasks, as well as a lack of a secure and confidential working environment. With EMDESK, those challenges were mastered, and processes and communication optimized.

For over a decade, EMDESK is a leading provider of project and work management solutions for research and innovation projects proudly supporting thousands of projects, from small ones to billion Euro projects involving 150+ organizations.

Katarina Boustedt

Project Coordinator at Graphene Flagship

Professionally organized, the EMDESK Team executed the migration from the standard edition to our servers in less than two weeks and provided us with a seamless and uncomplicated service; including consultation with our local server team. EMDESK is a highly reliable partner that provides us with a tool that helps us to manage and monitor all our project activities. Combining a personal service with flexibility and solution-oriented thinking, we recently extended our contract with EMDESK for the next project phase.

Dr. Christian Fauteux

Chief Administrative Officer, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

We selected EMDESK to plan our project proposal after facing problems with other tools. We switched to EMDESK less than 3 months before submission and were very happy that the collaboration went so smoothly. EMDESK met our individual requirements quickly and professionally. With budget and administrative data to be consolidated for more than 80 partners, this was quite an achievement. I believe that such a big project could not have been prepared without its help. Today we use EMDESK as our project management tool.

José Luis Vadillo López

Fundación CIRCE, Spain

EMDESK provides useful solutions and helps us a lot with project management! At CIRCE we were looking for a good tool to manage our projects. We started using EMDESK with one project and quickly also switched running all projects over to the tool as it gives us accuracy and an integral control over the projects. In addition we are very happy with the technical and commercial support we receive. We strongly recommend the tool!

Maximilian Steiert

Headquarter of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany

After the evaluation by the project management team of the Fraunhofer EU-Network and the Fraunhofer SIT (Institute for Secure Information technology) EMDESK clearly convinced us because of its usability. It also fulfills the strict data-protection standards of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

Eric Matrou

Finance Officer and Risk and Performance Manager, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

We thoroughly enjoy working with EMDESK. As a large project with thousands of team members, hundreds of partners and lots of deadlines, we have a tight schedule and special requirements. We would recommend EMDESK to anyone looking for a comprehensive collaboration solution.

Dr Alison Taysum

University of Leicester, the UK

EMDESK takes innovative technology and synthesises it with legal and traditional financial management requirements to offer a state of the art management solution system that enables teams to manage scheduling of activities, and allocation of resources mapped to forecast budgets and actual spends. I highly recommend a free trial of EMDESK to see exactly what excellent value for money you will be getting with this platform. My experience of the platform surpassed my expectations.

Paolo Di Michele

Project Manager at SELEX ES SpA, Italy

The use of EMDESK has made the task of managing much more rewarding. You can have full control over every aspect of the program with minimal daily effort. It's really an invaluable tool for managing multiple projects, especially large ones.

Emilija Stoilova

Administrative Coordinator at HBP Project Coordination Office (PCO), Switzerland

We have an excellent experience with EMDESK. All projects, regardless of their size, small teams or large consortia with 143 partners as in the HBP project, will certainly benefit from it. EMDESK has proven to be a reliable and stable tool indispensable for the management of various project-related processes.

Sergi Madonar Soria

Senior Research Project Manager at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

EMDESK software has proven very useful for the follow-up of our projects. The support team is very responsive and helpful.

Eva Haas

EU Project Manager at RWTH Aachen University, Germany

The Technical Support at EMDESK is a great asset to my daily work. The support representatives provide quick and helpful answers. They carefully read what I write in emails, and provide comprehensive answers and clear guidelines on how to proceed.

Laura Cherdel

MyOcean Project Administrator, France

EMDESK is an excellent tool that the team members and partners are able to use easily and quickly. We are happy with the choice we made. I greatly appreciate the fact that project managers at every level are able to report and update directly in EMDESK and I don't have to exchange back and forth with Word.

Prof. Jacqueline O'Reilly

University of Brighton, the UK

We have been really impressed with the software in helping make monitoring and reporting so much easier. The support services in setting up the system and answering questions were always excellent, concise and efficient. I recommend this software to anyone who is planning a project proposal or managing projects as it takes away a lot of the pain of pea counting and formatting proposal and reporting documentation.

Luis Coelho

Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Setúbal School of Technology of Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal

The organization and sharing of documents, the scheduling of events, the help in the preparation of reports and other features makes EMDESK a strong support for the development of a project of this dimension and responsibility. In line with my experience, I suggest using EMDESK to everyone who will coordinate projects.

Dr Alison Taysum

University of Leicester, the UK

EMDESK provides a platform that empowers large teams and their stakeholders/clients to interface on many different levels from instruction and discussions to accounting, reporting and auditing systems. EMDESK fully integrates all aspects of a large and complex project offering users full and transparent accountability and assurance the system can provide information required for full audits.

Gabriele Hamm

Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology Jena, Germany

It is a great pleasure to work with EMDESK. The software is a very convincing and facilitating project management tool.

Peggy Favier

Project Manager at L-up

We had heard many things about the power and versatility of EMDESK, so it was an easy choice to use them as a project management tool. This switch increased our ability to handle larger projects and coordinate information among team members. We were also able to cut the time spent on our procedures by 15 percent. EMDESK is one tool that we would definitely recommend to every project manager.

Isella Vicini

Director, European Funding Division at Warrant Hub SpA

The main results and improvements we achieved, by using EMDESK project management tool, is a greatly reduced workload that enabled gathering inputs by e-mail and collating documents for reporting and monitoring of resources.

Eduardo Herrmann

Project Manager at Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Germany

EMDESK is very useful and facilitates the management of research projects. The software differentiates itself from others with its user-friendly interface and the wide range of functions. Most of all, the team actively listens and implements recommendations from its users. EMDESK offers a good value for the money spent. We are extending the use of EMDESK as it integrates well into our workflow and helps to manage projects efficiently.

Meytal Laor

Administration Manager at CrackSense project, Israel

Although at first EMDESK seems a little challenging, and almost intimidating, it is very easy to learn. We had and have support service all along the way. It's a very convenient and efficient way to manage a multi-partner project. Everything is transparent and fully communicated. We have a complete view of the budget and expenses at any given moment. EMDESK undoubtedly improves and simplifies the work.



In 2001, L-up began its business consultancy service for researchers and industries. In time, L-up was able to expand its services into bigger fields, such as economy, energy, digital economy, finance, health, security, and much more. L-up works with internationally recognized research institutions and innovative SMEs designing collaborative European research projects. Project teams benefit from L-up’s collaboration and expertise throughout the project life cycle – inception, implementation, and delivery.

Project management comes with many challenges, including how to share sensitive information online in a secure environment or how to manage growing shared agendas and numerous mailing lists. EMDESK was able to provide a secure and straightforward solution to this and many other problems, allowing L-up to complete almost 50 successful proposals and projects in a secure environment.

Warrant Hub

Warrant Hub (formerly Warrant Group) is a subsidiary of the Italian Tinexta Group aimed to provide companies with financial expertise, technical and technological assistance, as well as with integrated and specialized consulting at all stages of business development. Warrant Hub offers integrated services that support EU projects in development, research, and innovation.

Since 2012 Warrant Hub has been using EMDESK as its project management tool and an all-in-one collaborative space for an ever increasing number of EU projects. EMDESK is able to provide an intuitive tool that supports Warrant Hub with its routine communications and project management in compliance with EC reporting requirements. A smooth collection of information and monitoring of the EU project status provided by EMDESK, both for the technical and administrative aspects, has allowed Warrant Hub to manage successfully 11 past or running EU projects.


Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ), was established in 1990 as an operational unit of the European Commissioner of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour, and Housing Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Its primary objective is to support research and innovation organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Baden-Württemberg with European funding programmes.

SEZ is a part of an international Steinbeis network with over 1,100 Steinbeis transfer companies and 6,000 experts. SEZ’s core principle of work relies on decentralized operations coordinated through a centralized project management framework. In order to facilitate the efficiency of their project management, SEZ has been using EMDESK as their software solution for running projects since 2010.

CIRCE Foundation

CIRCE Foundation is an independent Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption founded in 1993 in Spain by the University of Zaragoza, the Aragón Government, and the Endesa Group. It is intended to develop scientific and technical knowledge and provide innovative solutions to the business sector in the field of energy to support sustainable development.

EMDESK project management tool is a powerful solution for CIRCE in supporting team communication, documents repository, events planning, or following up deliverables. EMDESK proved to be a good project management tool in managing, understanding, and visualizing the distribution of the resources of the research projects in a general (consortium) point of view.

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