Managing Horizon Europe lump sum projects with EMDESK

From detailed work planning and budgeting to effective project collaboration, EMDESK is designed to support consortia and managing teams in the timely delivery of work packages while maintaining a full project overview.

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Precise work planning

The result-oriented nature of lump sum projects requires clear project outlines and deadlines:

  • EMDESK allows your consortium to design and manage comprehensive work plans, structure them into work packages, tasks, and even step by step action points to accurately determine timelines and responsibilities.

Detailed budgeting

In lump sum projects, planned person-months and other costs must be detailed and accountable per work package:

  • EMDESK enables the simple creation of detailed budget plans, linking financial planning directly with work packages along with their respective tasks and deliverables.

Proactive financial management

Managing finances effectively is imperative to prevent budgetary overruns before work package completion. Additionally, readiness for EC financial audits in lump sum projects is still a must.

  • EMDESK enables partners to maintain control over their finances. The platform provides tools to track and monitor time and expenses with the desired level of detail, ensures that spending stays within budget limits for each work package, keeping the consortium audit-ready.

Efficient collaboration

The lump sum model comes with a higher dependency on the performance of all project partners as payments for all are approved collectively upon milestone completion:

  • Our centralised platform synchronises your consortium's efforts, ensuring seamless coordination across all work packages and partners. Teamwork is made easy with chats, video calls, automatic updates, and all your files kept in one organised spot.

Outcome-based project execution

Monitoring your project progress is crucial in lump sum grants, where funding is tied to achieving specific milestones:

  • With EMDESK, you can track work packages, tasks, and deliverables against the project timeline, making timely decisions and adjustments. Tools like Data Table, Kanban, and Gantt charts help to stay on top of projects.

Simplified task management

Success in lump sum projects is heavily based on meeting deadlines and delivering tasks on time:

  • EMDESK keeps every team member aligned with priorities, as well as informed about due dates and status updates.

Change management

Adapting to unforeseen changes without the possibility of adjusting the total funding in lump sum projects requires contingency planning:

  • EMDESK offers customizable project monitoring tools that allow you to implement work plan and budget amendments with precision. This ensures data consistency and peace of mind, enabling comprehensive project overviews to effectively respond to changes in real time.

Coordinating a lump sum project or managing multiple projects?

With EMDESK, you have everything you need in one spot to manage a lump sum project or even multiple projects hassle-free. As the coordinator or manager, EMDESK gives you total control and a clear overview. You can effortlessly monitor and track each project, with all the essential info right at your fingertips.

Ensure the highest data security for your lump sum projects

With EMDESK, your data is secure. We prioritise data security and ensure compliance with EU data protection laws, including GDPR.

Benefit from our excellent and personalised support

We are always here for you, personally. Apart from offering extensive help articles and video tutorials, our support team is ready to promptly respond to your individual requests within a few hours.

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