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Upcoming Webinar: Quick guide for planning your Horizon Europe applications / 11 Feb, 14:00 CET

One-hour free webinar with an expert project manager, to make sure you make the most of your preparation time and are ready to apply to the upcoming Horizon Europe calls. Register now!

popular practices for H2020 financial management

Expert article

5 foundational practices for H2020 financial management

Where does one start financial administration of an H2020 project? When a deadline to the first reporting gets close, considerable time is spent on calculating and filling in the compulsory reports. Read our practices that will help you get everything right from the start of your project and save time.

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5 key functionalities of the H2020 Funding and Tenders portal

This article shows the most crucial functionalities of the H2020 Funding and Tenders portal and some interesting features that can help you in your journey of submitting a proposal. Check it out!

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Gender dimension in Horizon 2020

"How would you address the gender dimension in a field that is historically dominated by men such as mechanical engineering? Or robotics?". What would you answer to that question regarding Horizon 2020 proposals?

popular Webinar Horizon Europe Introduction


Recorded Webinar: An introduction to Horizon Europe

This expert session answers the questions of what is most likely to be funded in Horizon Europe, what are the major changes in the proposal templates, the main notions and differences in evaluation, reporting, and finance?

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Horizon 2020 proposal writing guide

In this article, we have put together advice & tips on how to facilitate proposal writing under Horizon 2020 trying to cover both single partner and collaborative projects.

popular Webinar H2020 grant steps


5 steps to take when you've received an H2020 grant

This recorded one-hour webinar is for everyone new to Horizon 2020 and working as a project manager or as an accountant administering the financial aspects of an H2020 project. Learn about five crucial must-dos of your Grant Agreement.

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Milestones – a key to your Horizon 2020 project success

Milestones are an efficient way to grab the attention of your stakeholders, catch problems before they become disasters, and keep your project on track. Check out our tips on proper planning, setting, and achievement of milestones – a cornerstone of a successful Horizon 2020 research project.


Avoiding financial mismanagement and getting ready for a CFS and audits

Watch this recorded one-hour live webinar with Jeanne Collin – an expert on H2020, to make sure you have all the keys to submit a Certificate on Financial Statement and prepare for a Financial Audit.

Popular Horizon 2020 project management

Expert article

Tips & tricks for a better project management in Horizon 2020

Managing a Horizon 2020 project is a challenging task. We’ve put together some tips & tricks on how to minimize your administrative and coordination tasks ensuring financial and scientific success. Check it out!

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Mental & physical health in an H2020 remote work environment

Check out the third part of our "Remote work and collaboration" series and maintain good physical & mental health remotely managing an H2020 project.

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How to use Twitter for Horizon 2020 dissemination?

Check out this article to know why planning a Twitter campaign around events relevant to your EU funded projects like Horizon 2020 is highly recommended.


EM Guidelines for data management

In this recorded one-hour webinar Gabriella Lovasz and Frosina Ilievska, experts at Europa Media give you some tips how to start a data management plan development, what to consider, what to include, how to fulfill the FAIR principles.

Expert article

Remote work and collaboration in H2020 – Part two

Dive into "Remote work and collaboration" – the second part of our series of tips and tricks on successfully organizing and managing your H2020 research project with participants and teams from around the world.

popular Horizon Europe checklist


EMDESK checklist for Horizon Europe – Towards a successful participation

Download and share with your colleagues our helpful at a glance Horizon Europe checklist, which shows all the key elements for a successful preparation to your Horizon EU project.

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Project reporting under H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2

Get a detailed overview about project reporting in Horizon 2020 (H2020) funded projects, particularly those running under an SME Instrument phase 2.

Expert article

Remote work and collaboration in H2020 – Part one

"Remote work and collaboration" – the first part of our series of tips and tricks on successfully organizing and managing your H2020 project with participants and teams from around the world. Check it out!

Expert article

EIC Accelerator: main differences from SME Instrument

Learn more about EIC Accelerator supporting high-risk, high-potential SMEs and innovators developing innovative products, services, and business models that have the potential to boost economic growth.


Efficient remote management of a Horizon 2020 project

In this special recorded one-hour webinar on the occasion of the current Covid19 crisis we give valuable hands on tips for efficient remote project management in EU funded projects, including Horizon 2020 (H2020).

Expert article

Data protection under Horizon 2020

Everything you need to know about data protection and staying compliant with security standards for Horizon 2020. Make sure your proposals and projects are secure enough to keep your funding.

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The Innovation Advisor – a key position for Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe will start soon and in the new framework programme one position within research organizations will become vital – the Innovation Advisor. Read more about this key role.


The essentials of running a Horizon 2020 project

Watch this recorded webinar aimed to give the key information about the role of project coordinator in Horizon 2020 project with multicultural & multidisciplinary consortiums.


Preparing your periodic reports under H2020

Watch this recorded webinar focused on the questions of how to prepare periodic reports under Horizon 2020 and how to master the administrative and financial management rules of H2020.

Expert article

5 ways to find your next Horizon 2020 partner

In this article you'll find some suggestions on what you can do when you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options and still haven’t found the right project partner in Horizon 2020. Check it out!


Horizon Europe – How to prepare and lessons learned from H2020

Watch this recorded webinar focused on the structure, multiannual strategic plan, and new R&I missions of the new R&I Horizon Europe Programme and get to know lessons learned from (Horizon 2020) H2020.

popular Horizon 2020 checklist


EMDESK checklist for Horizon 2020 – Eyes on Horizon Europe

Download and share with your colleagues our helpful at a glance H2020 checklist with eyes on Horizon Europe, which shows the key elements to completing a successful research project.

Expert article

How to write an outstanding impact section in H2020

Beyond general tips suitable to the whole proposal, the objective of this article is to disclose what are project impacts for H2020 evaluators, and how to structure an outstanding Impact Section. Take a look at it!


Proposal writing – How to draft a coherent budget under H2020

Watch this recorded webinar that deals with the main financial principles of H2020 proposal writing. Learn how to evaluate necessary resources for your project and optimize the provisional budget of your application.


Basic mistakes in H2020 personnel costs calculation and reporting

Learn the eligibility rules and their various exceptions in H2020, get an overview of the most common mistakes, and obtain practical guidance on personnel cost calculation methodologies acceptable for the EC.


Recorded Webinar: Proposal Writing – How to maximize impact in Horizon 2020

Watch this recorded webinar that provides the key information and practical tips on drafting the Impact Section of a Horizon 2020 (H2020) application to meet best expectations of the EC.

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