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The EMDESK Academy was developed to support you in becoming an even better project manager. Working in cooperation with valued partners and experts from different fields, our EMDESK Sessions offer insights and in-depth knowledge on various aspects of EU funded Project Management and H2020 throughout the year.

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Webinar: Efficient remote management of EU funded projects


Upcoming Webinar: Efficient remote management of EU funded projects

Managing a H2020 project from the Home Office? Join our free webinar Efficient remote management of EU funded projects – Expert Insights on 31 March, 14:00 (CET). In this special Expert Session on the occasion of the current Covid19 crisis we will give valuable hands on tips for efficient remote project management in EU funded projects, including Horizon 2020.

Project Management & Data Protection in EU funded projects, e.g. Horizon 2020

Expert Article

Make sure your proposals and EU funded projects (Horizon 2020) are secure enough to keep your funding.

What you need to know about data protection and staying compliant with new security standards for project management in EU funded projects and proposals like Horizon 2020.

Innovation Advisor - a key position for Horizon Europe

Expert Article

The Innovation Advisor: A key position for Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe will start in the not too distant future and within the new framework programme one position within research organisations will become indispensable: the innovation advisor.

200225 EMDESK Webinar H2020 Project Essentials


The essentials of running a H2020 project

One-hour recorded live webinar with an expert H2020 project manager, to master the essentials of running an H2020 funded project. Dedicated to coordinators, this webinar will allow you to successfully manage your Horizon 2020-funded project, your multicultural and multidisciplinary consortium and make the most of this experience.

200219 EMDESK Webinar Periodic Reports H2020


Preparing your periodic reports under H2020

Watch this recorded one-hour webinar to deepen your knowledge of Horizon 2020 beneficiaries' rights and obligations regarding reporting rules. This webinar will allow you to master the administrative and financial management rules of an H2020 project, improve the quality of your reports and to optimize the final amount payable by the EC.

EMDESK How to write an outstanding impact section


Proposal Writing in H2020 – How to maximize impact

This exciting webinar recording gives you key information and practical tips for drafting the Impact Section of an H2020 application to meet best the expectations of the European Commission. Learn how communication, exploitation, and dissemination activities should be addressed during the proposal writing phase to demonstrate and maximize the societal and economic impacts of your Research & Innovation project.

EMDESK Personnel Cost


Basic mistakes in H2020 personnel cost calculation and reporting

Personnel costs generally make up the main part in a project budget in Horizon 2020. Consequently, it's also the most common field for potential errors. The complexity of eligibility rules and their various exceptions are the main reasons why most beneficiaries have a hard time calculating eligible personnel costs in their H2020 projects. Understand the eligibility rules and their various exceptions, get an overview of the most common mistakes and obtain practical guidance on personnel cost calculation methodologies acceptable for the European Commission.

EMDESK H2020 Checkliste


EMDESK checklist for H2020 – Eyes on Horizon Europe

Find our helpful at a glance poster H2020 checklist with eyes on Horizon Europe, which shows the key elements to completing a successful H2020 project.

There are many administrative obligations and challenges in the preparation and coordination of a H2020 project. To help make sure you fulfill all those requirements and do not leave out monitoring any of them, together with Europa Media we have developed a concise checklist.

Achievement 3408115 1920

Expert Article

5 ways to find your next partner

Every call needs a mix of partners in order to fill its requirements, but finding the right partner is often easier said than done. We’d like to offer some suggestions on what you can do when you feel
like you’ve exhausted all your options and still haven’t found the right partner for your research project (e.g. H2020)

Liliya Levandovska for EMDESK


Horizon Europe – How to prepare and lessons learned from H2020

Do you know the changes for R&I planned for 2021-2027? Will the Pillars in Horizon Europe stay the same as in Horizon 2020? What are the new R&I missions? Are there any changes in the proposal templates and evaluation principles? Why is innovation important for the next funding programme? These and more questions are covered during this one-hour recorded webinar on Horizon Europe. The expert Liliya Levandovska has summarized the key elements and novelties covering the strategic R&I orientations, proposal preparation, and project management with an outlook for the future funding period.

EMDESK How to write an outstanding impact section

Expert Article

How to write an outstanding impact section

Writing a great Impact section is actually one of the key success factors for developing a winning proposal in H2020. Expert insights by Josué Iglesias for EMDESK.

Jeanne speaks about H2020


Proposal Writing – How to draft a coherent budget

Jeanne Collin will lead you through the topic to get the keys and practical tips to drafting a coherent and balanced budget of an H2020 application, in response to the expectations of the European Commission. The recorded webinar deals with the main principles of an H2020 financial plan, cost breakdown, and cost category. It will show you how to evaluate necessary resources for your project and optimize the provisional budget of your application.

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