Decoding Horizon Europe lump sum model – Expert Insights

If you have been scrolling through the Horizon Europe calls for proposals recently, you may have noticed that more and more of them have lump sum instead of action grant budget-based as the type of funding. The shift is visible, and the Programme will be going towards lump sum calls more and more in the future.

One key phrase from the lump sum model grant agreement, "The grant is an action grant which takes the form of a lump sum grant for the completion of work packages", significantly impacts both the preparation and implementation of proposals. This one-hour webinar introduces the key features of the lump sum model in Horizon Europe, provides budget planning and work package design practices, as well as offers suggestions on how to implement and monitor lump sum projects.

The free webinar is presented by EMDESK in cooperation with Europa Media Trainings.

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Krisztina Tóth – Senior Trainer and Consultant at Europa Media and Director of Corporate Affairs at EMG Group Plc.

Krisztina is a senior trainer and consultant at Europa Media and Director of Corporate Affairs at EMG Group Plc. She has 13 years of hands-on experience in developing and implementing EU-funded projects and EC contracts. She has been teaching H2020 and HE proposal writing, project management and reporting at the training courses of Europa Media for more than 8 years now. In addition to her direct experience in teaching and coordinating EU-funded projects, she has been an evaluator of proposals under H2020 and Horizon Europe programmes. Krisztina’s main areas of focus are fostering innovation ecosystems and supporting innovation stakeholders, entrepreneurship and startup support, digital transformation and science communication.

Manage lump sum projects efficiently with EMDESK

EMDESK is crafted to enhance project management efficiency, also within the framework of lump sum funding in Horizon Europe. From detailed budgets to smooth collaboration, EMDESK efficiently supports consortia and managing teams in the timely delivery of work packages.


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