Product Roadmap

Find out what features and improvements have been released and what lies ahead.

Introducing the new EMDESK

November 2019

The new version of EMDESK was released. A complete makeover; now running on an improved state-in-the-art technology with an interface for real-time collaboration applying the most advanced security standards.

Release with new improvements

December 2019

Improved usability for creating new elements and data table handling. Several other minor improvements and fixes. You can now also enable / disable access management for groups.

Winter release

February 2020
  • Resources at children level are now added to parents by default.
  • Admin / Manager can now create custom field properties upon select.
  • Members of mentioned groups now receive an in-app & email notification.
  • Enhancements with the Gantt handling.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes.
  • Several style and usability fixes for IE users.

Spring release with Kanban Boards

April 2020
  • Introducing Kanban board: visualize work and use cards, and columns to organize activities and progress
  • Parent-activity completion is now estimated based on percentage complete of sub-activities.
  • Activity budget and expenses now also include those of sub-activities.
Introducing Kanban

June Release

June 2020
  • New subscription management available now available under Profile > Subscriptions.
  • Introduction of color-coded visual elements in the data table view, e.g. status.
  • Formatting options now available within text areas, such as activity description.
  • Participants financial profile: Rates can now also be specified in PH and PD.
  • Improved usability for access right management.
  • Drag and drop now available Folders and Documents.
  • New project templates now available for selection.
  • Enhanced Gantt chart handling.
  • Users and contacts can now be exported.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes.
  • Increased performance.
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September Release

September 2020
  • Customise your table columns
  • Bulk drag n’ drop folders and documents
  • Get a precise view of your data
  • Quickly find overdue tasks and deliverables
  • Accurate expense reporting
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Online meetings and video calls

Coming soon

Secure meeting experience with high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing. Host audio, video, and web conferences with your team and partners.

Task Management

Coming soon

Break down activities into smaller day-to-day tasks.


Coming soon

Collaborative editing of large documents: build own project proposals, reports, or deliverables with dynamic data components (budget tables or charts) and enrich them with narrative descriptions.


Coming soon

All of your communication is in one place. Quickly get and share important information with project-wide announcements, group-only communications, or one-on-one direct messages.

Shared project calendar

Coming soon

Get a complete overview on what is next with a shared project calendar.

Public links and folders

Coming soon

Share folders or documents to externals.


Coming soon

Define workflows aligned with your process management strategy.

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