Product Roadmap

Find out what features and improvements have been released and what lies ahead.

Introducing the new EMDESK

Nov 2019

The new version of EMDESK was released. A complete makeover; now running on an improved state-in-the-art technology with an interface for real-time collaboration applying the most advanced security standards.

Task Management

Coming soon

Break down activities into smaller day-to-day tasks.

Shared project calendar

Coming soon

Get a complete overview on what is next with a shared project calendar.


Coming soon

Collaborative editing of large documents: build own project proposals, reports, or deliverables with dynamic data components (budget tables or charts) and enrich them with narrative descriptions.


Coming soon

Define workflows aligned with your process management strategy.

Kaban boards

Coming soon

Manage items by organizing them in status columns.

Public links and folders

Coming soon

Share folders or documents to externals.