Recorded Webinar: Delving into the Evaluation Summary Report in Horizon EU – Expert Insights

Often overlooked by candidates frustrated by their project rejection, the Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) nevertheless contains a great deal of information. The ESR is likely to help candidates better understand the expert-evaluators expectations and consider a re-submission or another proposal submission. This one-hour webinar allows you to better understand the process of expertise/evaluation of a Horizon Europe proposal on one hand, and on the other hand demonstrates how to improve the main weaknesses identified from the analysis of different ESRs.

The one-hour webinar includes:

  • Presentation of the expertise-evaluation process
  • Evaluation grid and criteria
  • Expert advice and examples

This free webinar is presented by EMDESK in cooperation with Welcomeurope.

Download slides

Marie Cousin, Consultant at Welcomeurope

Marie COUSIN is a consultant specialised in innovation project management under Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ programs.

She supports project participants from the design and work planning phase to the reporting process and evaluation analysis. Prior to join Welcomeurope, Marie had the opportunity to develop her expertise in European project engineering within various structures, ranging from the field of research in the public-private sector, to NGOs and local authorities. This gives her a great adaptability regarding the diversity of European funds and the plurality of European and national actors.

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