Recorded Webinar: Avoiding H2020 financial mismanagement and getting ready for a CFS & audits – Expert Insights

Watch this recorded one-hour expert session to make sure you have all the keys to submit a Certificate on Financial Statement and prepare for a Financial Audit under H2020.

This webinar on financial management with Jeanne Collin – an expert of Horizon 2020, allows you to master the H2020 requirements, as regard financial issues. Make sure that all your declared costs are eligible and refunded.

Learning objectives:

  • The CFS and Audit obligations and outlines
  • Identification of required supporting documents for each of the budget categories (personnel costs, subcontracting, other costs)
  • Tips for the Contradictory Report

This webinar is presented by EMDESK in cooperation with Our valued partner Welcomeurope.

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Jeanne Collin, Head of projects / Public and European funds

Jeanne has 6 years experience on EU funding programmes in Education, Transport, Energy, Research, and Innovation. After a first junior experience at Welcomeurope where she co-directed a support mission in the framework of the first CEF-T call for projects, Jeanne became European Project Officer at the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) before joining the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS, largest fundamental research organization in Europe) as European Project Manager, working closely with the Scientific Coordinator and managing the operational coordination of FP7 and H2020 collaborative projects (large consortium i.e.: up to 15 partners). From a French-American upbringing, her experience gave her an exhaustive knowledge of the expectations of the European Institutions and of the requirements of high-value collaborative projects.


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