CIRCE – innovation in energy and environment

CIRCE Foundation is an independent Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption founded in 1993 in Spain by the University of Zaragoza, the Aragón Government, and the Endesa Group. It is intended to develop scientific and technical knowledge and provide innovative solutions to the business sector in the field of energy to support sustainable development. EMDESK as a project management tool for research projects proudly supports CIRCE’s goals and ambitions.

Headquartered in Zaragoza, Spain, CIRCE operates within a highly qualified team of over 150 multidisciplinary professionals working with more than 250 customers. For over 25 years of experience, CIRCE has carried out more than 1,500 research projects aimed to promote more efficient and more environmentally friendly products and activities.

CIRCE has several delegations. The first one was opened in 2010 in Brussels with a goal to bridge CIRCE and EU stakeholders and facilitate CIRCE’s participation in EU research funding programmes. The second one was opened in 2016 in Madrid in order to intensify CIRCE’s relations with major national companies, organizations, and platforms in the field of energy and to promote cooperation with all of them in collaborative research projects.

Investigation – Transfer – Training

The mission of CIRCE is to increase energy efficiency and develop renewable energy sources by driving forward R+D+I activities and training programmes, and in this way to promote sustainable development. CIRCE works on enhancing the competitiveness of national companies through encouraging and facilitating the improvement of energy processes, the development of new technologies that increase energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy.

CIRCE is focused on:

  • Research in collaboration with multiple entities on key social issues to transfer laboratory solutions to companies and society;
  • Technology and knowledge transfer tailored to the needs of each company;
  • Trainings, research specialization courses, and ongoing technological update programmes for companies.

In 2001, CIRCE was certified as a National Innovation and Technology Centre. And in 2009, together with the University of Zaragoza it established the CIRCE Mixed University Research Institute. Currently, CIRCE manages the European Project Office of the Spanish CO2 Technology Platform.

EMDESK – the powerful project management tool

Managing the technical and administrative aspects of Horizon 2020 research projects faces a lot of challenges. Since 2013 EMDESK project management tool is a powerful solution for CIRCE to support team communication, documents repository, events planning, or following up deliverables.

EMDESK proved to be a good project management tool in managing, understanding, and visualizing the distribution of the resources of research projects in a general (consortium) point of view. EMDESK’s document repository proved to be a great platform to gather projects’ and meetings’ results in a safe and accessible way.

Using EMDESK project management tool, CIRCE provides beneficiaries with a clear follow up on research projects saving a significant amount of time. EMDESK is able to offer CIRCE a secure and powerful project management tool, which is used in the setting up and the management of 20 successful research projects.