Streamline your grant management process with EMDESK

From securing funding to ensuring compliance and effective administration, EMDESK is designed to support European grant offices in navigating the intricate landscape of project management.

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Made in Germany. Trusted by 8,000+ organisations in the EU.

KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Catholic University Leuven
University College London
Wageningen University
TU Munich
Chalmers University of Technology
RWTH Aachen University
Universiteit Utrecht
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Medizinische Universität Graz
The Open University

Why EMDESK is the ideal solution for European grant offices

  • Portfolio perspective: EMDESK offers an intuitive platform that simplifies the management of multiple research projects, allowing you to seamlessly oversee all aspects of all your projects in an unified view.
  • Compliance made easy: We help you navigate the complexities of funding regulations, ensuring that your projects adhere to the specific requirements of national and European programmes.
  • Detailed reporting and documentation: With EMDESK, regular reporting to funding bodies becomes more of a streamlined process, complete with detailed accounts of project progress and financial statements.

Equip your grant office with the most modern tools and features

  • Efficient financial administration: EMDESK provides robust financial management tools that make tracking expenses, aligning with grant stipulations, and managing financial risks straightforward and transparent.
  • Resource allocation and personnel management: EMDESK helps you manage workloads, assign tasks, and ensure that the right personnel are working on the right aspects of your projects.
  • Collaboration across borders: EMDESK’s intuitive collaborative features are designed to enhance communication and coordination, essential in multi-partner international projects.

Ensure the highest data security standards for your grant office

With EMDESK, your data is secure. We prioritise data security and ensure compliance with EU data protection laws, including GDPR.

Benefit from our excellent and personalised support

We are always here for you, personally. Apart from offering extensive help articles and video tutorials, our support team is ready to promptly respond to your individual requests within a few hours.

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Find out why 8,000+ organisations use EMDESK

  • A single platform for all your projects
  • Real-time oversight of projects and finances
  • Optimised resource and fund utilisation
  • Seamless collaboration and simplified reporting
  • Personal support with quick response times
  • Made with love in Germany


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