April release – new features

We are happy to announce that major updates have been implemented in EMDESK. These features have been added with you in mind, to make project management even more efficient and easy for you and your team members.

Kimberly Albeño | Mar 30. 2021
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EMDESK is introducing the first feature release of 2021. We worked with our customers to be able to provide the best version of EMDESK, and we developed and improved our new features to reflect our customer’s needs.

What are the new features?

Video Conferencing

We know that hosting web conferences have become an important tool for any business to succeed and we have made it easier to facilitate with your partners and team members. Start your calls directly from EMDESK via the Dashboard, Contacts and Groups section. Set up group and 1 on 1 video calls, including screen sharing, and chat functionality, and as always, you can expect our enterprise grade security for every call. Stay connected with your partners and team members with audio, video, and web conferences without needing to handle yet another tool.

EMDESK en Español

Our EMDESK goal is to be able to provide the best Project Management software no matter what language you speak. EMDESK is now available in three languages: English, German, and our newest language Spanish.

Give each WP its own ID

Now users have the option to set a custom ID for each of your activities and tasks in the Workplan as well as deliverables and milestones. You can choose to keep your structure to run numerically, or you can decide to set up your own ID structure, this allows you to map parts of a larger Workplan in your area. Customizing your own ID structure helps facilitate and personalise your own or your team’s work structure.

Set further participants in an activity

Set up multiple participants for one single activity. Every project is different and EMDESK wants to give you the flexibility to select more than one participant for any activity or event.

Further Improvements

  • Document upload size now supports files up to 2GB
  • Improved table view with new columns and filters
  • Team Plan users can now join every project on EMDESK for free
  • Improved and faster Analytics feature
  • Regular email reminder of upcoming deadlines, regardless of project inactivity

Product roadmap

Find out what features and improvements have been released and what lies ahead.

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May 26. 2021

On June 23-24, the European Commission is bringing together individuals and experts from all areas during the online European Research & Innovation Days to discuss and shape the future of R&I in Europe and beyond.

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