March release – Introducing Task Management in EMDESK

This March, we are introducing our new Task Management feature.

Kimberly Albeño | Apr 3. 2024

Our new feature in EMDESK is designed to help individuals and teams organise, prioritise, and track their day-to-day tasks and deadlines more effectively.

EMDESK is introducing a new task management feature. This new feature will be crucial for enhancing productivity and collaboration in various settings, from personal tasks to large-scale project assignments.

Key features:

  • Task Management: Create and assign tasks to users and groups with due dates, and track progress with status updates, ensuring every task moves smoothly from "Open" to "Completed".

  • Prioritisation & Reminders: Elevate important tasks with priorities and stay ahead of deadlines with timely reminders, delivered directly as in-app notifications and emails.

  • Conversations: Foster better teamwork by initiating task-specific conversations, enabling a seamless discussion among assignees.

  • Attachments: Attach documents directly to tasks for effortless access, ensuring all relevant information is at your fingertips.

  • Task linking: Link tasks to critical project components, such as work packages, deliverables, and milestones, for integrated project management.

  • Task lists: Organize tasks in lists, opting to keep them private or share them with select users and groups.

  • Activity logs: Monitor task evolution with detailed logs in the Activity Stream, providing a clear historical narrative of task progression

How to get started?

    1. After logging into your EMDESK workspace, locate the new "Tasks" menu in the main menu.
    2. Click on "Add Task" at the bottom of the menu. This allows you to create your first task.
    3. Enter the task description, assign assignees, set a due date, and enable reminders. You can also specify any other properties that meet your task management needs.
    4. As tasks evolve, assignees can effectively track progress and collaborate by:
      1. Updating task statuses.
      2. Recapping actions in the task's activity stream.
      3. Attaching documents.
      4. Starting discussions on task-specific details.
    5. Use the "Add List" button to create more lists. These lists can be open or private and help organize your tasks in different areas.

    Other improvements

    In this release, we are introducing a new way to organize your workspace. Now, you can organize all activities and events under different projects, each with its own start date, in the Workplan section. This will allow you to add multiple projects to your workspace. To enable this feature for your existing workspace navigate to Customisation > ID Settings and click "Convert to project-based workspace".

    As always, we remain dedicated to refining the EMDESK experience by continuously implementing usability and performance enhancements, feature improvements, and bug fixes, ensuring an ever-improving user experience.

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