Introducing the new EMDESK

We are excited to launch the new EMDESK! EMDESK has undergone a full makeover; now offering a complete project and work management solution for research and innovation teams, as in Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe projects.

Leonie Groß | Nov 18. 2019
Introducing the new EMDESK

The new EMDESK

Today, we’re proud to announce the new EMDESK!

Since 2006, EMDESK has supported over 20,000 users with 3,000+ projects. Throughout these years we’ve gained valuable insights and a greater understanding of the unique challenges our users face with collaborative, co-funded projects. Inspired by your feedback and over a decade of experience, we’ve created a new version of EMDESK that makes collaboration productive, coordination transparent, and reporting effortless.

What’s new?

EMDESK has undergone a full makeover; now offering a complete project and work management solution for research and innovation teams, such as Horizon 2020 (H2020) or Horizon Europe projects. The new EMDESK provides a flexible solution to manage multi-level work plans with customizable financial and project settings to match the project’s specific needs and various funding programmes. Now, teams from any type of research project can organize and collaborate across organizations on EMDESK.

We’ve planned everything down to the last detail, with useful features and a suite of integrated work management instruments that let you plan, monitor, report, and collaborate simultaneously.

Obtain a new level of control and traceability with precise access management, change logs, and notifications. Our improved integrated communication features allow collaboration, discussions, and sharing to happen in real-time.

We’ve moved performance and security to the next level by combining state-in-the-art technology with straightforward interfaces. This allows instantaneous interactions to take place with the most advanced security standards.

There is even more to come. In the following months, we’ll continue to improve the new EMDESK by providing additional features, such as the collaborative editing of documents, workflow and task management, and a shared project calendar.

Heads up to our amazing developing team doing a great job creating an even better EMDESK experience. It has been a joyful journey so far and we are looking forward to supporting many more outstanding research projects in the future.

What changes for active EMDESK users?

Nothing. The earlier version of EMDESK becomes ‘EMDESK Classic’ and will remain as the unchanged you’ve been working with and know well. EMDESK Classic will stay the same technically and contractually and continue to be fully supported and maintained.

You can continue working in your project with the Classic version as before. If you plan to start a new project, you can choose between the new EMDESK or Classic. If you would like to switch to the new EMDESK, please contact us. You may also check our FAQs to find detailed answers regarding EMDESK Classic and switching to the new EMDESK.

Get 30 days of EMDESK for free!

Start with a 30-day free trial and enjoy all our features with no obligations. Join 20.000+ happy users working with EMDESK to manage their projects more efficiently. Or contact us – our team of experts is ready to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EMDESK and EMDESK Classic version?

EMDESK Classic is a project management application, available since 2008 and designed for H2020 projects. In 2019, we introduced a more generic, more powerful project and work management solution for research and innovation projects – the new version of EMDESK. It helps large teams across organizations to organize and collaborate in co-funded projects while keeping maximum control and transparency.

I’m an EMDESK Classic user. What happens to my current subscription?

Nothing will happen to your EMDESK Classic subscription – no changes or actions are required for existing subscriptions. You will be able to use EMDESK Classic as long as needed, without limitations. We will provide the same quality of services as before, including updates, maintenance, and support.

Are there any additional or new costs for my subscription?

No. There will be no additional or new costs for your current subscription.

Can I extend my EMDESK Classic subscription? 

Yes, as long as needed.

Can I order EMDESK Classic for my H2020 project?

Yes, please contact us.

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Will you provide maintenance and support for EMDESK Classic?

Yes. We will provide the same quality of services as before, including updates, maintenance, and support.

Can I switch my EMDESK Classic subscription to the new EMDESK?

Yes. You have an opportunity to switch to the new EMDESK, however your data will not be automatically transferred there. You will need to create a new project using the new EMDESK and transfer the relevant data manually. Contact support to help you switch. 

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Can I try the new EMDESK?

Of course. You can try the new EMDESK for free. Simply sign up and start with a free trial that includes all the features.

Is my data automatically transferred to the new EMDESK?

The new EMDESK is a new software with great features, but there is no way to automatically transfer your data from the Classic version to the new one. You will need to set up your project in the new EMDESK and transfer the data manually. 

We can help you transfer the data for a charge. Please contact us and we will be glad to help you find the right solution for you.

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