May release – new features

Our Spring release brings upgrades to our collaborative online editor and our video call feature.

Kimberly Albeño | May 11. 2022
EMDESK Spring Release

We have heard our clients' suggestions and after months of hard work, we have implemented two major features that will make online collaboration much more intuitive and organised.

What are the new features?

Schedule video call meetings

Quickly scheduling and holding meetings is essential for increasing team productivity. That's why today we are introducing the option to schedule and manage online meetings with your EMDESK workspace. In the new meeting area, you can view, schedule and update online meetings, both held and scheduled. When a meeting is scheduled, invitees will receive an invite and a reminder one hour before via email and in-app notification.

Inserting charts and graphs within EMDocs

Now you can easily enrich your documents with project data from your workspace. You can insert data-driven sections directly into an EMDoc. Click on the "Content" option in the "Insert" menu while working in an EMDoc and choose from our pre-built tables or charts. The table or chart will automatically update with the latest changes in your project workspace. No more copying and pasting or manually updating data, everything stays up-to-date and consistent.

Other improvements

In this release we have rolled out some important performance improvements that we have been working on over the last few weeks. As we are constantly taking steps to improve the overall experience of EMDESK by implementing usability and performance improvements, feature enhancements and bug fixes, you will see more improvements in the coming weeks.

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