October release – new features

New features have recently been introduced into EMDESK so that our users can have a more simplified, better experience while using EMDESK.

Kimberly Albeño | Oct 13. 2021
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We here at EMDESK understand the importance of usability and efficiency for a project management tool, therefore we have updated and implemented new features into our solution. As always, our team has worked hard to upgrade and create an easier, more productive way to work on EMDESK.

What are the new features?

Larger sidebar with more space

Since the sidebar is our central working instrument, we have increased the size of the sidebar so that managing data is more visible for our users.

New reporting ON/OFF control panel

Disabling and Enabling reporting periods is now easier to access directly from your workspace. Setting a specific date to disable resource reporting and status reporting can now be instantaneously adjusted from the reporting panel on the top right hand side.

New member profile card

Now, hovering over a member profile image in EMDESK will allow you to see the contact information card with further data on the user. With this card you can jump directly to the contact, download the contact card to import into the contact directory, find general contact information like email or phone number, and you can start a meeting with this user right away.

Sidebar path indicator/Moving items

We have added a new item path indicator in the sidebar of an item, with this indicator you will be able to see where this item, e.g. activity or document, is located in the structure or hierarchy. Additionally, you can now directly change the position of the item from here using the dropdown option in the path indicator, for example, if you want to move Task 1.2 under WP2 to become Task 2.2.

Finalise sections in EMDocs

Now you can finalize section by section of an EMDocs document and keep other authors from editing or changing a section in your document. Finalise headlines, individual sections, or entire chapters on your EMDoc document by selecting the lock icon on the side. Also, other co-authors can also see quickly at a glance, which section has been locked.

Product roadmap

Find out what features and improvements have been released and what lies ahead.

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